Week 14 – All conversation classes

Good morning for final presentations spring 2011


Week 13 – Conversation 1 – May 29th…

conv1 may 2012 luck – lesson

Week 13 – Conversation 3 – W/C May 29th…

For this class, we’ll be looking at some interesting use of accents. We’ll also talk a bit more about the second (presentation) part of your final project.

Regional accents are ‘bad for business’


Glesga Glossary



Week 13 – Writing 1 – May 29th

We will continue from where we left off last week. Please bring the narrative handouts that we used.

Week 12 – Writing 1 – May 18th-25th

I have prepared the files you need for our final writing activity. I’ll give them to you (hard copy) in class.


Week 12 – Conversation 3 – May 22-25th

whats in a name lesson – spring 2012 – may – conv3

We’ll also prepare for our final project. I’ll explain more in class. Print all the documents and bring them to the next class.

spring 2012 conv3 final project questionnaire


Week 12 – Conversation 1 – May 22-25th

This week we will prepare for our final project by completing the lesson we started last week. Please be prepared for our ‘mock’ presentations.

Please prepare your own part, have a note card, and try to practice before you come to class. All of these things will help when it comes to the final.

computer questionnaire spring 2011 final project

You will also need to bring this document to class. We will talk about how you are going to do your final project/presentation. Important details, but we’re nearly there…


Week 10 – Writing 1 – May 15th-18th

Please print these and bring them before the next class.


Occupy Wall St – Conv1 Spring 2012

Also, please watch the video before coming to class.

Week 11 – Conversation 1 – May 15-18th

File Sharing -Kim-dotcom -.conv1 Spring 2012

File Sharing -Kim-dotcom –

Week 11 – Conversation 3 – May 15th & May 18th

Spring 2012 – level 3-4-Explicit Lyrics Warnings on Online Music Lesson

censorship today may2012

I’d like you to do this before the next class. Look up the following genres online and find out some of the pioneers (bands/singers/songwriters etc) of that particular style. Come prepared!


Rock ‘n’ Roll
House / Electro

You should also read the articles.